What is Discourse Blog? 

Discourse Blog is a leftist politics and culture blog/newsletter started in March 2020 by the former staff of Splinter. We write a lot about: political movements, the inept Democratic establishment, the conservative death cult, labor and worker rights, and cultural moments shaping the national conversation. We’re especially interested in media criticism, particularly how the mainstream press covers (or fails to cover) the most important stories of our time. We also just like getting weird or personal. Here are some of our top-performing posts to give you an idea of what we write about: 

“How Not to Do Labor Journalism 101” by Paul Blest 

There were a thousand ways to tell this story, and NPR chose the worst one.

“They Can't Even Fire Us Right”by Jack Crosbie

You'd think after doing something a couple thousand times the bosses would have the process down.

“Coronavirus Is No Match For America's Narcs” by Samantha Grasso 

Even a pandemic won't stop the deranged world of suburbia.

“We're Never Going Back to 'Normal'” by Katherine Krueger 

It never existed, and it's sure as hell not coming back.

“Which Side Are You On?” by Jack Mirkinson

It's the people versus the cops. You have to choose.

“Rubber Bullets Don’t Fire Themselves” by Caitlin Schneider 

The media keeps using language that obscures the reality of police violence.

“The Minneapolis I Never Knew” by Rafi Schwartz

My city is burning, and I am grappling with how little I understood it.

What are people saying about Discourse Blog? 

So many great things! 



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“Deez Interviews: Aleksander Chan, on Discourse Blog’s journey and identity as a newsletter + how ‘it feels purer’ this way” — Deez Links

“Vibe Check With Aleksander Chan”— Medialyte

“In media if you haven’t been laid off it’s just that you haven’t been laid off yet” — Welcome to Hellworld 


“#7 - Ken Klippenstein, Miles Klee, Aleks Chan - Stormtroopers in PDX, Cancel Culture Grifting, The Discourse Blog” — Nights & Weekends

“Thinkfluencers: The ‘Save Journalism’ Industry feat. Jack Crosbie”— Gilded Age

“Is Elon Musk a Fraud?” — The Intercept’s Deconstructed

“On Discourse ft. Kath Krueger & Jack Crosbie” — The Insurgents

“7/3 Casual Friday w/ Alex Pareene & Jack Crosbie”— Majority Report with Sam Seder

Why are you doing this? 

We are primarily motivated by two principles: 

  1. We believe there is currently nowhere else to publish the stories we want to write that wouldn’t be compromised by institutional and corporate interests. It’s our fundamental belief that we engender more trust by being transparent and forthcoming about our (political, moral, journalistic) values than pretending we don’t have any. We’re leftists, and we’re happy to tell you so, and it’s our hope that by knowing that, you can read our work more clear-eyed.

  2. We believe the future of journalism lies in truly independent, worker-owned media. Discourse Blog is owned and operated by its workers, with no outside funding. It’s just us and that’s how we want to keep it. 

Who are you?

Paul Blest writes about labor, politics, labor politics, and more. He was previously a news editor at Splinter, has written for outlets including the Nation and the American Prospect, and currently works as an A.M. reporter for VICE News. He is based in Raleigh.

Aleksander Chan is the publisher of Discourse Blog, running all its business operations. He was previously the editor in chief of Splinter and has worked at Fusion, Gawker, and the Gothamist network. He is based in New York. 

Jack Crosbie writes about conflict, politics, and the media. He was previously a contributing writer at Splinter, and has written recently for Rolling Stone and The Atlantic. He is based in New York.

Samantha Grasso writes about social justice, pop culture, and Texas for Discourse Blog. She was previously a staff writer for Splinter. She also writes for subtext by AJ+, and has also written for Vox, the Texas Observer, and the Daily Dot. She is based in Austin.

Katherine Krueger writes about politics and culture for Discourse Blog. She was previously the managing editor of Splinter. She is the features editor for Elle.com and has worked at Fusion, Talking Points Memo, and The Guardian. She is based in New York.

Jack Mirkinson is the editor in chief of Discourse Blog, where he also blogs about politics and the media. He was previously the deputy editor of Splinter and has worked at Fusion and HuffPost, among other places. He is based in New York.

Rafi Schwartz writes about social justice, protest movements, and the weirder corners of the internet. He was previously a senior writer at Splinter, and has been published in Rolling Stone, Good, Mic, and Heeb Magazine. He is based in the Twin Cities.  

Caitlin Schneider writes about the internet, politics, and the media for Discourse Blog. She is also a senior social editor at VICE and was previously the social editor at Splinter. She is based in Los Angeles. 

How do I subscribe and how much does it cost? 

You can subscribe on the homepage or by clicking the button below. Subscriptions cost $8/month or $85/year.

What do I get for subscribing? 

The free plan: 

  • A few posts a week 

Paid subscribers: 

Down the line, the revenue from paid subscriptions will also allow us to: 

  • Commission outside contributors 

  • Start a podcast

  • Do more live coverage (with video?) with reader engagement

When you support us by paying for a subscription, you support our mission to do bigger, bolder work and make independent, worker-owned media publications possible. We split revenue evenly between partners and set aside a portion of that money to donate to funds and causes we believe in. 

Do you have discounts for students?

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What’s with the bird?

A starling yelling at the sky perfectly encapsulates what we’re trying to do here. Art by our very own Sam Grasso! 

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